EXCHANGE- new CD coming soon!

Steve Sexton was just down to Nashville from Toronto for the last 5 days and we completed the writing for a brand new Exchange CD. This will be our first CD in over a decade so we are excited about it. We will be posting our release date shortly here and on FaceBook. Also, watch out for the new Exchange website, coming soon.



3 comments on “EXCHANGE- new CD coming soon!

  1. Hello,

    I just read about your new album, but no details about the songs except the cover and the note that Marc Jordan is on it again. Would you be kind to tell something more about it!!!


    Florent Recica

  2. HI there, thanks for your note. The CD is almost finished and will be released on July 4rth. There will be 11 songs plus one extra bonus track with Marc Jordan. It is primarily on instrumental CD except 2 songs, the one with Marc, and another with Marc and Amy Sky. The CD is very cool and has elements of our first CD. We will be posting another news letter just before the release.

    Thanks again.


  3. Thank you Gerald! Seeing your reply just now on your blog.. was expecting it in my e-mail! It would be nice if you can put me on your newsletter mailing list to be updated with the details when the times come.. looking forward to your “Eleven Past Eleven” (11/11)!!!

    My best,


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